Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ella and Harlee dance 7-30-11

My friend Jamie does a dance camp in the summer, so I thought it would be fun for my girls to do.  Ella loves dancing but doesn't enjoy the spotlight.  Harlee loves the spotlight but they both had a great time!  It was so worth it!  They had such a good time!
Harlee and her little friend Emilie!

Breils class party!!! Found it!

Jared and Harlee went over to Breils party while I stayed with Ella.  They had a great time!

Class Parties 2011

June 2 were the class parties.  Jared and Harlee went over to Breils because I was in charge of Ellas.  I loved being the room mom and really hope I get the opportunity again.  I am sure there are pictures of Breils party somewhere but I don't know where.  If I ever find them, I will post them but these are a couple from Ella's!
 Ella and Mrs. Totty.

2010-2011 Awards Ceremonies

Ella - 2nd Grade - Mrs. Totty
This was our last year at this elementary school so it was a bittersweet day for us.  The district had built a new school and we were being moved.  Ella would be leaving her best friend Kaya, so she was sad.  She had a great year.  I was Mrs. Tottys room mom so I was in and out of her classroom a lot and I loved it!  I can't believe she is moving to 3rd grade!  Halfway through elementary school!

Breil - Kindergarten - Mr Stanton
Breils first year of school was a success!  He LOVED school and loved his teacher.  I was so grateful that Breil had such an amazing teacher for his first year of school.  It set us off on the right path for sure. 

 After the awards ceremony they do milk and cookies in the cafeteria.  I didn't manage to get many pictures of that but I did get Harlee telling grandma something VERY dramatic and important!  She is always a good sport coming to the big kids events and can't wait to go to school herself!

Field trip to Fort Worth Museum- May 24, 2011

For Breil's final Kindergarten field trip we went to the Fort Worth Museum.  Jared was able to take the day off and we were BOTH able to go.  It was a really fun day with Breil.
Breil and his friend Mateo.

Nice, calming nap in a T-Rex footprint!

Of course this is Texas so we have old trucks in our museums!

Digging for fossils.

Our future engineer.

I don't get to go on field trips very often but I sure love it when I do!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Easter 2011

We had several things this Easter season. A couple of Egg Hunts, a nice dinner and of course, pictures. The kids had a lot of fun with their pictures this year. Jared is really enjoying shooting them as they have gotten older.

Easter Saturday we went to the Bakers house for an Easter Egg Hunt and bbq. Ella was not with us for this because she went to a college volleyball game in Dallas. I really missed her but the kids did have a lot of fun. Another family, the Masters, came and the Elders stopped by as well! Ready, Set, Hunt!

All the kids with their loads. As you can see from the sky we had some nasty weather coming in so we had to hurry!

Harlee was really old enough this year to finally know what to do on her own.

I think Breil had more fun wrestling and playing ninja than hunting for eggs. He was surrounded by a bunch of boys and loved it!

Harlee racing Elder Thier. I think he raced all the kids.

He must have been exhausted by the end of the evening.

Then, everyone raced. I think Elder Snater won the race!

The play group in our ward had a little egg hunt in one of the neighborhoods. They happened to do it on a day I didnt have class so Harlee and I were able to go. We each brought a dozen eggs so there was plenty for the kids to hunt. Harlee had a blast hunting for eggs with her friends.

McKinley, Emmie and Harlee.

She is on the move!

My pretty girl!

Monday, December 12, 2011

TCU Baseball 4/21/11

We have friends and neighbors across the street and their son Kaden is Breils best buddy. This year Kadens dad had tickets to a TCU baseball game and he invited Jared and Breil to join them at the game. The boys had such a good time!